Why Did I Choose Pikes Peak Community College?


Friends here in Colorado Springs have asked me why I chose Pikes Peak Community college for my two year program, and I have to say that there are a number of reasons.

The first reason I made the choice was that they welcome students of all kinds. There wasn’t a complicated entrance policy or anything that kept me from applying or attending Pikes Peak College. This was important to me because I didn’t want to get bogged down in an application process that could have taken time away from my studies, and work schedule. I simply wanted to be able to sign up for classes and start attending college as soon as possible.

Next, I chose Pikes Peak Community college for convenience. There are four campuses spread throughout the Pikes Peak region for you to choose from with PPCC, and this made it a lot easier to find classes that would fit into my work schedule. Also PPCC offers an online college degree program within my major, so I was actually able to take advantage of that and not have to show up in-person to a classroom. Having an online degree program was the ultimate convenience for me, because I work full time and have small children to care for.

Variety was a key factor in choosing Pikes Peak Community College, because they offer over 200 programs to choose from. You can choose from majors like criminal justice, fire science, or a variety of nursing or computer degree programs. I really like that they offer so many technical courses, and not just associates degree programs. If I want to, when I’m finished, I can return to Pikes Peak to get my real estate license even!

The scheduling at Pikes Peak is a major convenience to someone like myself, because they offer classes around the clock. You can schedule a course days, nights, weekends, or even do college online! I know a number of people who don’t learn well online, or just want to see a professor in person — So they choose to attend courses at PPCC in the evenings or on weekends, to help with their work schedule. My personal preference is for the online program, which I found to be engaging and fulfilling for my style of learning.

You can’t discount affordability (no pun intended!) when you are considering whether to enroll at Pikes Peak Community College. Their tuition is some of the lowest in Colorado, and can easily be fit into budgets of any size. If you have financial issues, you can always rely on student loans, but I found that their tuition was affordable enough for me to pay as I went — So I avoided racking up a lot of student debt. By starting out at PPCC, it seems I’ll get a major jump on other students by not coming out of college with so much debt!

Transferability was a huge benefit of enrolling at Pikes Peak College, because their college credits transfer to any other college in the Colorado University system, and many more! This is great for me, because when I’m done I plan to transfer my credits to UCCS here in Colorado Springs, so I can continue my studies and finish a bachelors degree. It was super important to me to have the ability to transfer my credits, because I had heard horror stories from students who attended obscure online universities who were not able to transfer their credits into Colorado universities, and it caused them to have to repeat classes they had already taken!

Having small class sized was a major plus, and I think it really contributes to the success of students at Pikes Peak Community College. In fact, studies have actually shown that students who attend PPCC maintain a higher GPA when they go to a traditional four year university after, than the students who started at a four year university as a freshman. I think this has to do with the study techniques and culture of hard work you learn by attending PPCC first.

Last, it was nice to hear from counselors and fellow students at Pikes Peak College that students had no problems getting into universities after leaving PPCC. Apparently graduates of PPCC are sought after, and find gaining admittance to traditional four year colleges a breeze once they complete their programs. Also, it seems that graduates usually find jobs and are successful in the community once they come out of Pikes Peak Community College. Hearing success stories like these encouraged me, and set my heart at ease about attending PPCC — and I hope it will do the same for you!

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