About Pikes Peak Community College…

About Pikes Peak Community College…

Pikes Peak Community College is a university located in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado where they have both physical and online classes available for you to take.  Pikes Peak was founded 43 years ago, and has a proud history of excellent — Having issues over 35,000 degrees since 1968

Known as one of the more affordable Universities in the region, Pikes Peak Community college plays host to over 15,000 students at a variety of different locations throughout Colorado.  The highest degree offered at Pikes Peak Community College would be an associates degree, and you have the freedom to complete it in-person or online.  If you would like a bachelors degree, you are encouraged to complete a two year program and then transfer your credits to another university in the region.

According to the most recent course catalog released by Pikes Peak, you have access to a wide variety of degree or technical study programs within the college.  Some examples we found while perusing their catalog that looked particularly interesting this todays economy were: Accounting, AutoCAD, Automotive Technology, Business Administration, Business Transfer, Case Management, Computer Science, Culinary Arts, Database Administration, Diesel Engine Repair, English, Environmental Studies, Health Information Technologies, Homeland Security, IT Fundamentals, Medical Technology, Network Engineering, Nursing, Paralegal, Pharmacy, Psychology, Social Services, Video Animation, and Web Design.

Where are the campus locations?

There are four convenient locations spread throughout the region:

Centennial Campus (South)
5675 South Academy Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Downtown Studio Campus (central)
100 West Pikes Peak Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Rampart Range Campus (north)
11195 Highway 83
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Falcon Campus (northeast)
11990 Swingline Road
Falcon, CO 80831
College Military Sites

Fort Carson Army Post Education Center (719) 502-4200
Peterson Air Force Base Education Center (719) 502-4300
U.S. Air Force Academy Education Center (719) 502-4300
Switchboard (719) 502-2000 or (800) 456-6847
TTY (719) 502-3333

How Much Are Tuition and Fees at Pikes Peak Community College?

Rates Per Credit Hour for 2012-2013

Course Type Resident Rate
without COF
Resident Rate
with COF
Non Resident
WUE Rate
On Campus  $ 174.75  $ 112.75  $ 462.55  $ 169.15
PPCC Internet (*N*)  $ 261.30  $ 199.30  $ 303.75  $ 303.75
CCC Online (C**)  $ 261.30  $ 199.30  $ 303.75  $ 303.75
ITV  $ 182.40  $ 120.40  $ 462.55  $ 176.80
NUR Courses (On Campus)  $ 226.30  $ 164.30  $ 462.55  $ 220.70
NUR Courses Internet  $ 319.80  $ 257.80  $ 319.80  $ 319.80
AVT Courses  $ 329.80  $ 267.80  $ 462.55  $ 324.40

Is Financial Aid Available?

Yes!  Check with your school counselor to inquire about financial aid, grants, and other ways to ease the financial burden of attending community college.

Can I take Courses Online at Pikes Peak Community College?

Yes!  Pikes Peak has a variety of online degree programs for you to choose from.  In this day and age, students are more busy than ever and an online degree program can help lift some of that burden.  If you are struggling to work a full time job and attend school in the evenings, or whenever you have time — Consider investigating one of the Pikes Peak online degree programs below:

  • Associate of Arts Degree
  • Associate of Science Degree
  • Associate of Arts Degree – Business Transfer
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree – Accounting
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree – Crime Scene Investigation
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree – Criminal Justice – Corrections
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree – Fire Science Technology
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree – Homeland Security Emergency Managemen

What is Campus Life Like at Pikes Peak Community College?

Getting the true college experience is an important part of higher education.  You won’t be dissapointed as Pikes Peak offers you a variety of student services to make you feel right at home.  Their monthly student run newspaper, “The Potty Mouth” is packed with informative student news that includes events and services available to you.  Pikes Peak offers fraternities, sororities, and professional organizations for you to join and take part in throughout your early college career.  Remember that the relationships you make in college can last you a lifetime, and it’s never too early to start networking for the future!  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who have found a job, or built their career on a relationship they group from their college days!

This is Great!  How Do I Enroll?

You can visit an Enrollment Services Center conveniently located at each PPCC campus location.

Centennial Campus (south)
5675 South Academy Boulevard, A-107
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Downtown Studio Campus (central)
100 West Pikes Peak Avenue, S-100
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Rampart Range Campus (north)
11195 Highway 83, S-102
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Falcon Campus (northeast)
11990 Swingline Road, Room #100
Falcon, CO 80831

Call Enrollment Services at all campuses
(719) 502-2000 or (866) 411-PPCC
TTY (719) 502-3333

Enrollment Services Centers Hours (all locations)

Monday & Tuesday…………………………….. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Wednesday – Friday …………………………… 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Online services at My Community Education will allow you to verify enrollment, register and drop classes, view grades, check your account, access and pay your bill, order transcripts, change your PIN, check your Financial Aid, and find the HOPE Lifetime Learning Tax Credit Report.

If you need assistance with registration, please contact the help desk at (719) 502-HELP or stop by any Enrollment Services Center.

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