Pikes Peak Community College Online Classes


So you’re asking yourself if you should consider taking classes online at Pikes Peak Community College? Let’s discuss some of the benefits, and see if it might be right for you.

Pikes Peak Community College does offer a lot of classes and degree programs online now. The popularity of online universities has grown exponentially over the past decade, because of the change in student population we are now seeing. Instead of the old days when kids would be shipped off to school to live in the dorms, and work on school full time — it’s now much more common to see students that work a full time, and who are trying to do college in their spare time or on a part-time basis. Some students might even be full time parents who struggle with issues like child care, or being able to leave the house to attend traditional classes at a brick and mortar university. While night classes had been the only option for students in these situations in the past, online courses are quickly taking over as the new normal.

The key benefit of taking online classes over the latter would be flexibility. While a normal degree program might require that you show up on time certain days of the week, an online class is going to offer you the benefit of being able to show up and study whenever your schedule permits. There are no designated times for lecture, and no tests that need to be completed on the spot. Your lecture will typically be a short message from the instructor with assigned reading, videos, or audio podcasts for you to listen to when you have time. Tests are typically administered on an open-book basis, where the instructor will make the test available online, and you will have a certain amount of days to complete it. Many students shine in such a flexible environment because it gives them the opportunity to devote their full attention to their studies.

But what does the career world think about online Universities, you might ask? Well, there is some controversy on this topic currently. While a few “old school” companies might have a negative attitude towards online universities, it would now seem that the vast majority of hiring companies will consider an online university education to be completely comparable to something you might get at a brick and mortar school. Some online university programs are even getting a reputation as being more difficult and tough to pass than so-called “normal” degree programs. It’s important to note that when you graduate and go to apply for a job, your education will only be one component of your resume that you will use to sell yourself to perspective employers. You’ll need to compliment your education (from online university or not) by adding work experience, volunteer work, home based businesses, and many other highlights to your resume.

In conclusion, it’s very easy to see that an online university education from Pikes Peak Community College is a great way to start your college education. Not only will it provide you with the flexibility you need to work school into your schedule, but it is an affordable option that will save you a lot of money compared to other online college programs. When you look at the overall benefits as a whole, it’s easy to conclude that Pikes Peak Community College Online Classes can be a great way to propel yourself into a prosperous career.

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