Here are links to some blogs we enjoy reading….

WWW.TENTBOMB.COM — Written by some guys based in Colorado who love backpacking and hiking.  If you’re into camping and outdoors stuff, it’s always a fun read!

WWW.CITRIXTECHS.COM – Virtualization is such a hot specialty in the technology world right now!  We read this one to stay on top of trends with application virtualization, Citrix EMR delivery, and many other cutting edge technologies.

WWW.AIRPORTBARS.NET — Sometimes our work takes us to new and exciting places, so we check this blog to find out about ammenities in various airports we might travel to.  The guy who maintains it is a frequent flyer, and his travel logs are sometimes hillarious!

WWW.TECHSUPPORTINCIDENT.COM — This is a cool site for computer beginners.  We check this for news and tech support tips and tricks.  I bookmarked this one for my grandma, and she enjoys following it, since she’s very new to computers.

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