JOBS For PPCC Students!

PikesPeakCommunityCollege.CO is currently looking for interns in the area of web marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). These positions will be 100% work from home, unpaid positions. What’s in it for you? In return for your efforts, we will provide you with evidence of a completed internship, along with a reference for future job opportunities.

If this is an area you are focussing your studies in, and you would like to have an internship which you can put on your resume along with a great reference — Indicate your interest below in the comments field, and we’ll contact you with more information!

We recognize that students looking to intern typically do not come with resumes packed with experience — So we are looking for the following:
- High energy candidates willing to invest a few hours each week working 100% from their own homes!
- People who have studied / understand SEO and how web marketing works.
- Individuals who can drive traffic to our web site through use of linkbacks, trackbacks, blog reference articles, etc.
- Individuals interested in writing blogs about their experience in various programs at PPCC
- Skills Needed Include: Google Adsense/Adwords, SEO, Whitehat/Blackhat SEO, etc.

We look forward to hearing from YOU!

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