Free Blogs For PPCC Students!

We’re very excited to begin offering free blogging for PPCC students. Pikes Peak Community College is a great experience for so many people, so why not write about it? What’s in it for you? Blogging can be a great way to get your name out there, and increase your exposure to networking and job opportunities! By volunteering to write a blog about your PPCC experience, or detailing one of the programs that PPCC offers, your name will be associated with the article — and we can provide a link to your blog or page of your choice. When perspective employers evaluate you for a job, the first thing they are typically going to do is Google you. If nothing comes up, you are labeled as simply irrelevent — and there is nothing to make you stand out over the other candidates. By writing articles and blogs on our web site and others, you can create a name for yourself — so that when that employer goes to research your background, YOU are in control!

Simply register on our web site, and indicate your interest in blogging in the comments section below. We’ll contact you with an author account, and allow you to immediately start submitting articles and blogs to the site.

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